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Break it down now!

I both love and hate Thursday nights. On one hand, there’s always a killer group routine on SYTYCD and the next day is FRIDAY! But two dancers go home. With Season 8, it’s hard to imagine who that would be. Hopefully you did your part to keep the ones you loved. Okay, okay. Time to aknowldge the truth. I told you yesterday who my top and bottom 3 boys and girls were. But was I right?

Announcements: July 31st is National Dance day, and should you choose to participate this year, SYTYCD will have three levels of routines that you can choose from to learn. Also, Lady GaGa is going to be a guest judge on the show sometime this year!

The group number was a fierce Sonya Tayeh routine with canes. One minor suggestion. Please tan. That goes for both the ladies and the guys.

Alright, down to business.

The first three couples took the stage: Melanie & Marko, Missy & Wadi, and Iveta & Nick. Cat says the first two are safe. The crowd lets out a disappointed “ohh” as Nick and Iveta hug each other. But what’s this?!?! Cat’s trying out her sneaky shoes, and they are good ones! Nick and Iveta are safe, too!

Next up, Ashley & Chris and Jordan & Tado. I was not supportive of this one. Jordan and Tado were in the bottom 3.

Next, Caitlynn & Mitchell (who is automatically in the bottom because of his injury) and Clarice & Jess. Yup, just as I predicted, Jess and Clarice are in the bottom, too.

Finally it comes down to Ryan & Ricky, Sasha & Alexander, and Miranda & Robert. Miranda & Robert it is.

So, 4 guys and 3 girls. All dance for their lives.

The judges go away to deliberate and come back from a commercial break. What’s this?!?! They want Robert and Mitchell to dance their solos AGAIN!! Unheard of and unprecedented (as Nigel put it). When all the solos are done, they gather on stage. Then the judges make their decision.

No one is going home!!

The crowd goes wild. The dancers even wilder. Nigel is trying to get their attention, but it’s too late. They’re already rushing the stage in a crazy mob, crying, hugging and cheering. What was it that Nigel was trying to say? Two, count ‘em TWO couples will be going home next week.

So sad, my friends. So sad.


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