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Break it down now!

Did you all watch the show last night?!?! Did you all vote????? I hope so. Let’s recap what happened!

Cat’s hair was a sassy mess and her dress even sassier! The judges included Nigel, Mary and Megan Mullaly! (No idea she had a dance background).

Announcement: Mitchell had an elbow injury and had to sit the performance out, per doc’s orders. (That spells bottom three to me). Before the dancers performed their first dance as partners, they each had 8 seconds to shout out things about themselves. Which turned out to be very entertaining. Also, the source of my videos for these posts only had two available when I posted this, so I will keep checking back to see if there are more, later. At least he had the two Travis Wall ones that I loved.

Jordan & Tado: She howls like a dog. He was a dancing taco in a commercial.

Afro-Jazz by Sean Cheesman. Sean said lava was his inspiration, I didn’t see it, but practice offered a camera-kicking good time! Wicked costumes—or lack of—nice spiked pink hair. They danced to Afro Celt (which is interesting). They had lots of tricks, flips and lifts which they executed really well. The steps were technically executed, but I did see parts where they were off from each other (which is to be expected this early on). Sean looked happy with what they did but I couldn’t help wondering what Sasha would’ve brought to the table had she had the opportunity to get that number.

Sasha & Alexander: Her favorite color is purple and he, apparently, can’t talk.

A “haunting conscience” contemporary routine by Travis Wall. Man! Sasha abuses Alexander left and right during practice! Hits, kicks, and punches. But he keeps coming back. Travis has won an Emmy or two for his choreographed dances on this show, so it’s no surprise to get excellence from him, which is what we got, yet again last night. Travis always has depth and emotion and a vision for the dance and the costumes to tell the story. It was a great routine for a great couple. I like them—they’re strong and going to go far and have my vote—plus a good song (Sarah McLachlan, Stupid [Mark Bell Mix]). Alex really can move and has beautiful extension. Both were on time perfectly with all the down beats which was sooo stinkin’ important in this dance. If they hadn’t hit it, this number wouldn’t have had the same emotional impact it did. The judges loved the dance and complimented Travis. They loved Sasha and had a bit of comments for Alexander that I didn’t quite agree with. Like being emotionally detached from the dance and the audience. Favorite routine.

Clarice & Jesse: Her eye color changes and he fit a lot into 8 seconds! Plus he’s been on Broadway 3 times!

They had a Broadway number by Tyce Diorio. Holy cow! I was speechless with their leaps! Very talented dancers and I think, well paired. Jesse tends to come off as a little arrogant, so it was nice to see a more humble, laidback side to him in practice. Tyce thought they nailed it, giving them a standing O and huge smiles at the end. When Clarice and Jesse came to get their critique from the judges, Cat towered something like 2 feet over them! I’m not kidding. I got a flash of Gandalf and the hobbits standing side by side. (Picture). Cat even called them “pocket-sized”. The judges loved Jess, saying he’s a natural performer—which he is. They told Clarice she had great legs and danced well, but it was going to take effort for her to keep up with Jesse.

Ryan & Ricky (R2) She loves L&O: SVU (holla!) and he was a cheerleader (with all that energy, I’m not that surprised).

They had a Chris Scott lyrical hip hop routine based on lost love. Chris Scott is quickly becoming my favorite choreographers (but he’d better not replace my NapyTabs!). R2 was good—strong—didn’t hit things as hard as I thought they could (but again, it’s early). Ricky really outshined, in my opinion, Ryan in this one. Ricky reminded me of a young Michael Jackson, whom I loved to watch dance, and was very pleased about it. I really liked their routine. What the heck is a telly-play, Nigel? The judges kept commenting on Ryan’s happy face throughout the number ,and I agree with them. It shouldn’t have been there. I wasn’t under the impression that it was supposed to be happy, more reluctant or sad maybe. After they kept commenting on that, she interrupted them to tell them why she was smiling. Ugh, groan, and an eye-roll for good measure (for some reason, don’t ask me why, she’s not one of my favorites). But the judges did comment that she was one of the most talented girls on the show.

Caitlynn & Mitchell Her favorite color is green (so is mine!) and he is just downright goofy!.

They got a Sonya Tayeh jazz routine! Yay!! Mitchell needs to wear a shirt during practice. And that’s all I’m going to say about it. He injured his elbow and couldn’t dance, so Caitlynn performed with Robert from S5 (Oh, so happy to see him back. Mary hinted that he might be back for the All Star portion later in the season). One thing that makes me love Sonya’s routines so much, are the little nuances that make her routines stand out, I dare say they’re almost like her signature. And they’re her little quirky movements. Anyone who’s seen her routines knows what I’m talking about. The little hand twitches, the awkward walks, etc. I didn’t think that Caitlynn felt them and delivered them the way they needed to be done. Don’t get me wrong, she’s a superb dancer, but Sonya needs 150% when delivering her routines, and I don’t think she did that. Their timing was a little off from each other. Robert was amazing. Favorite routine.

Miranda & Robert (woo-hoo!) She sleeps with a nightlight and him…woo-hoo!

They got a jive routine from Jason Gilkison (oh my, her outfit. Didn’t really flatter her very much. I think it was the makeup). Steve did a great Steve Urkel impersonation! And he was A-MA-ZING! She lost an earring at the beginning of the routine. I was surprised at how fun and how much I like this one and how much Robert actually rocked this number! His steps were a little clunky and his toes were far from pointed, but his hips were a-swiveling and she was great as well. They partner pretty darn good together. Her legs were awesome on all the kicks Jason gave her. He looked very happy with how the dancers performed his number and they got a standing O from everyone in the house. My favorite thing on SYTYCD is when the judges are giving constructive criticism and the audience boos (Heaven forbid that their favorite dancer has something to improve on. Give me a break), and the dancer stands there and says, “no, they’re right, I do need to work on that”. Huzzah!

Missy & Wadi She wants to marry an Australian (Jason?) and he was born in Jamaica.

They got a jazz routine by Sean Cheesman about Pandora’s Box. I’m going to get this out of the way. I’m not a fan of Missy. She’s too conceited. There, I feel better now. Their timing was off in the beginning on a very important part on Wadi’s part (from what I could tell). Missy is a strong dancer, very powerful and commanding, good technique. Wadi has a lot of physical strength, but I didn’t feel that Cheesman gave him much of a challenge outside of his box to work on in this number. I felt it was too safe for him. But, I did like the routine. It was fun. Sean liked their performance. The judges thought this and the afro-jazz routine was the best from Cheesman. They said Missy had it all (I don’t agree), and that Wadi learned different styles quickly. Nigel wants him to stick around and called him “brilliant”.

Melanie & Marko She wants to be on Ellen (me, too!) and he eats a lot (and fell over in his chair).

They got a contemporary Travis Wall routine about statues that come to life during the night. Wow, wow, WOW! These two are going to be REMARKABLE together. Just insane. They are a perfect combination. She is completely trusting of him on everything, and he is always there for her. Great partnering between them. Just amazing. The only thing about this dance I didn’t like, was the fact that they were painted white. It was a bit distracting. But the dancing was beautiful. The routine, moves, technique, level of trust, POWER, strength—they gave a great display of everything awesome in dance, Travis and these two, together, complement each other better than anything I’ve seen on the show so far. Favorite routine. It was a standing O in the house, and Mary was moved to tears.

Ashley & Chris She loves waffles and he has 6 siblings.

They got a Chris Scott hip hop routine about cheaters. Cee Lo! Rockin’ Flowers, and bras, and anger. Their sync was a little off, but they were good. But, with following the M’s routine, it was hard for me to get into this one, so I don’t have much to say about it. Sorry!

Iveta & Nick She’s 30 (and I’m sorry to say looks much older) and Nick is a s-l-o-w talker. .

They got a quick step (aka dance of death) routine from Jason (which Iveta is a world champion in). Poor, poor, POOR Nick! But he found his fast feet with the help of his partner. They had good timing considering he hasn’t danced this before. I loved her dress. His carriage/frame needs work, but he had a fun jump at the end I enjoyed. They got a standing O (what, are they handing those out like candy now a days???) and the judges were really impressed with how well Nick did, being a tapper and all.

My top 3 girls: Melanie, Jordan, Iveta My top 3 boys: Robert, Nick, Wadi My bottom 3 girls: Missy, Ashley, Miranda My bottom 3 boys: Mitchell, Chris, Marko

Happy Thursday, my friends!


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