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Thursday’s Results Show

We have our Top 20!!!! And I’m happy with who made it through. They had an interesting format this year. Cat announced (in a beautiful white lace dress) groups of four or five who made it, then had them come out and dance live. After all 20 were announced they did an all girls number, all guys and then a group number. I really liked it.

Nigel revealed that when the dancers get down to 10, they’ll be bringing back the All Stars aspect from last season, which I am glad about. Also announced, online voting!!! Go to and you can vote up to 50 times.

Now let’s get down to business:

1. Ricky 2. Miranda 3. Melanie (yay!) 4. Sasha

Natalia didn’t make it through, which I was disappointed about, but was okay with. The sisters were supportive of each other, and I think that Natalia didn’t make it because of her solo. It wasn’t as strong as her partner dancing was. The first four danced to a Stacey Tookey contemporary routine. They all made it look so effortless and easy.


5. Chris 6. Wadi 7. Tado 8. Robert (I just call him Woo-Hoo)

The Professor and Lil’O didn’t make it though, and that broke my heart. Both were confident they would be in the T20 and looked positively heartbroken when they didn’t make it through. Since all four boys were hip-hoppers by heart, they got an A-MA-ZING hip-hop routine by Dave “Master Chef” Scott. It was so much fun, with high energy and mad tricks. Hubby popped by at this point to watch a bit. As soon as he saw Robin, he made a gagging noise.

“What the heck is wrong with her??? She looks like an alien.” “One too many face lifts and a few extra Botox injections.” “I think James Cameron woke up one night, saw her face and said, ‘I’ve got the perfect idea for a movie!’ And thus, Aliens was born.”


Ballroom had to be decided between the German beauty, Iveta, and the French boy, Lenny. You know who my vote was for. Hubby saw Lenny and added his two cents, with a cheesy French accent. “I have an accent and my hair goes poof (insert hand gestures here) so I know I’m gonna make it.”

The judges agreed with me, so…

9. Iveta

She did an A-MA-ZING Pasa Doble with Season 5 winner, Pasha choreographed by the Australian (His name is Jason).


10. Clarice 11. Marko (gunshot victim) 12. Jordan (my favorite girl) 13. Missy

These four did a Sonya jazz routine, which was all kinds of wicked fierceness. I can always count on Sonya to give me something I’m gonna love.


14. Jess (Broadway) 15. Nick (Tapper)

Nick and Jess did a pretty fun tap routine by Christopher Scott. Apparently four girls can tap, too, so there might be a tap number in our future with the six of them.


16. Caitlynn (Nigel’s favorite) 17. Ashley 18. Mitchell 19. Alexander 20. Ryan

The choice for the last boy was between Alexander and Jeramiah. The judges brought them down together, and chose Alex, who promptly gave Jeramiah a large hug. Watch out boy, Jeramiah has a temper issue. The girls came down between Ryan and Alexa (they looked like twins!). Of course the girls were crying when they told the judges how much they each wanted it. In the end, it was Ryan.

These five did a contemporary routine by Travis Wall. I love Travis’ routines, and I know it was good, but I don’t remember a lot about it. Except there were leaves all over the stage and the dancers kept tossing them about. The judges, though, remembered more of it than I did and gave a standing O (But they did that for Sonya, too).


The all boy’s was my favorite of the night, choreographed by Chris Scott. It was a combo between hip-hop and contemporary and was all kinds of awesome. It was very Matrix-y with red doors and dark suits. Their timing was off a bit as a group, but individually, they are all very good. There’s just something about a group of men dancers that’s so captivating. The power and energy just sucks you in.


The all girl routine was a Sonya number about Geishas, which was to die for. Lil’C even made up a poem for her about how awesome she is using the letters of her name. Nigel gave him a hug for his efforts. The girls were more together with the guys and were fierce. Nigel warned the guys that they were going to have some real competition with the opposite sex. With their Geisha outfits, you could see the strength in their legs, and I swear, ALL of them had chiseled tools of death instead of legs.


The last group number was choreographed by Tyce Diorio and was a Broadway number. It was awesome (I need to find a different word). Choreographers are geniuses and so talented. Not only for creating (overall) an aesthetically pleasing number with great music, moves and costumes as a whole, but also for breaking it down to the individuals and seeing where each will be at every second and what moves they’ll be doing. I’m always in awe of them.


Okay! These talented dancers are our T20! I know who I’m rooting for (Jordan, Melanie, Nick, and Woo-hoo), though it may change. Who are you wanting?

PS – did you know the British call a bowtie a dickey bow? Happy Friday, everyone!!


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