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Break it Down Now!

Judges: Mary, Nigel and Kenny

  1. The opening routine knocked my socks off

  1. Huge fan of Kerry Muzzey over here

  2. Love me some Christopher Scott choreography!

  3. I do miss hearing about the inspiration for the dance and the story behind it. It lets me connect better to the number

  4. Favorite

Whitney & Chehon with an Ansel Cha-Cha Routine: I liked it. Chehon did pretty okay with his ballet background, and of course Whitney rocked it. She was in her element so how could she go wrong? But then again, I have seen superbly better Latin dancers as well. These first rounds of dancing are pretty much confidence builders for the dancers themselves. The judges never really have anything super critical to say. They gave some pointers to Chehon about his feet and advised Whitney to pick up her first class ticket.

George & Tiffany with a Sonya Contemporary Routine: Truly seeing each other for the first time. Loved that jump move into George’s arms. They partner really well together, anticipating where the other will be and completely trusting. I really enjoyed the dance and their execution of it. It was so well done. Great dance. Okay, judges, too much talking, not enough dancing.

Janaya & Brandon with a NappyTabs Hip-Hop Routine: Janaya, Alchoholic and choosing between the drink and her. Wow, she’s pretty good out the gate with the hip hop and of course Brandon is rockin’ it, but overall I was pretty impressed with Janaya. A little off at parts from each other but for themost part they’re hitting it pretty good. I’m thinking that Nigel has a crush on Mary.

Alexa & Daniel with a Sean Cheesman Jazz Routine: There’s a lot of lifts, and she’s not a small girl and he’s not a big guy. It seems like the routine had more tricks than real dancing. Those red suits are so awful it’s not even funny. For all the red, her not having red lipstick was a bit out of place.

Amber & Nick with a Jason Gilkison Waltz Routine: I didn’t realize Jason was that tough. That’s awesome. I thought Amber did pretty dang good in the waltz and I think Nick got all his connections on time. Wow, there were so many phenomenal lifts and twirls. Jason looked completely surprised and amazed. Nick kind of came across as a goofy arrogant guy. Hubby and I feel weird about him.

Amelia & Will with a NappyTabs Character Pop Hip-Hop Routine: (The leopard unitard crept Hubby out, so he is not present for this number). Cute number I actually really liked it, but it seems more Jazzy than hiphop. Amelia did a REALLY good job, I ‘ll be honest, I was worried most about her, but Will is the one I felt could’ve brought a lot more to the table in this number. I really liked Amesila in this. Wow! That lift up to his shoulders was great. And cue the lame cat/purr jokes. Probably my favorite routine of the night. Favorite

Dareian and Janelle with a Sean Cheesman African Jazz Routine: Janelle’s one of my favorites She’s a crazy good dancer for only dancy belly dancing. And Dareian was pretty good in this number, I was impressed by both. Interesting they took out the trick where she broke herself. One thing I noticed at the end of the routine: Look how little they are!

Eliana & Cyrus with a Tyce Diorio Broadway Routine: Can I just say that I adid not recognize her at all with that wig. Hairspray! Tyce looked scared. Cyrus is just the perfect addition to to this show. His personality. I love how Tyce brought in some of Cyrus’ moves to the routine. I was impressed with them. A good number. Annnnnd Tyce was happy with it. I thought that they were another great couple. Good pairing and chemistry between the two. Side note: Eliana has a really big mouth. While this wasn’t one of my favorite routines, I was so very happy with Cyrus’ performance!

Audrey & Matthew with a Travis Wall Routine: Titanic. I Think that there’s some actual chemistry going on between the two of them. Good trust and lifts. The audience loved the routine. And I agree, it was pretty good. Standing house. Favorite

Lindsay & Cole with a Jason Gilkison Passodoble: This is my favorite Latin dance EVER! It’s about Lindsay poisoning him. An interesting opening. (Me: Where’s his cape? Hubby: He doesn’t need one, he’s a half naked samuri descended from the 47 ronin samurai.) I thought this was very well done. They both danced it so well, very powerfcul. Loved this dance. This was my other other favorite routine of the night. GREAT! And another great partnering. Wow, Mary is invested in her comments. Such compliments from the judges. Burn the Floor? A show choreographed by Jason. I must check this out. Nigel mentioned it showing Thursday night. Favorite

Two boys and two girls. I wouldn’t mind seeing Nick and Daniel going home and Whitney and Janaya. I haven’t connected with any of them. So, who are your favorite dancers? What routines did you like best?

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