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(Disclaimer: Sometimes I really HATE Blogger and SERIOUSLY think about moving to WordPress. I don’t understand why the movie option here can’t find the video clips on YouTube that I KNOW are there! As a result, some videos will be a link instead of embedded.) It’s time to reveal our T20! Are you just so excvited? (Cat’s dress was horrible, btw). Zoe Deschanel! I LOVE her, and Coworker Jusin has a secret crush (don’t tell him I told you that, though, Anna Paquin might get jealous). Two winners this season! Top girl AND top guy! I think I like this spin. Okay, time for the results! Alexa Anderson (not a big fan) George Lawrence II Will Thomas Amber Jackson Contemporary routine by Tyce Diorio. Good movement and staying in sync, still need to work on tweaking things. It was an okay dance—I like getting the story behind it so I can connect more. I think George will go far and Amber Jackson stood out to me the best. But Alexa held her own for me in this one. Finally someone taller than Cat, in Will!

Nick Bloxsom-Carter Lindsay Arnold & Whitney Carson Who will win? Whitney made it. Poor Lindsey. 😦 I hate it when they do this! Lindsey made it, too! Jason Gilgasun ballroom. I knew they were going to do this for ballroom. My coworkers and I called it. It’s so mean. But brings good ratings. Who’s Nick? I don’t remember him. Ugh, the tears. Now I remember him. Ugh. I’m cringing and closing my eyes at his theatrics.I love watching the ballroom routines, there’s so much sass and personality. And Nick@@ Holy cow is he an eye catching male ballroom dancer@ Most of the time I never watch the guy, but I found myself equally watching both the birls and him. I think he could have added a little more snap but, this was a REALLY entertaining and good routine. Effotrtless. I agree with Mary about Nick, needing a little more from him.

Australian ballerina Daniel Baker Pole Dancer Ballerina Eliana Girard – She looks pained. YES! She made it!! Swiss Ballerina Chehon Wespi-Tschopp

Seriously? The tension here is KILLING me! Good decision! Daniel made it! Good choice judges. Oh, Chehon’s crying. Wait, what?!?! Chehon made it, too! I HATE THE JUDGES! When they do this, it’s horrible! I’m on an emotional roller coaster here!

Desmond Richardson and Dwight Wodin routine. Oh, it’s like our own personal ballet show. How beautiful, but I didn’t like the harshness and utiliartarianism of the costumes (and yes, I did just make that word up). But the last half of the music fits. Very creative. Eliana’s legs are just amazing. I would have liked to see more from the guys, more of Chehon’s leaps and Daneel’s acrobatics. I wasn’t as impressed with this routine as I hoped I would be. May I point out that those are not flattering costumes, boys? I agree with Mary, so excited that Ballet is going to have a huge voice this season.

Tiffany Maher (don’t remember her) Audrey Case the neck farter Janelle Issis (I see her going all the way to the end) Bahaha! That entrance was classic!

Sonya teya Jazz Routine. What! Janelle isn’t dancing tonight? LAME. I LOVE this song. But those outfits? A little boyish on the bottoms. Mistakes can be forgiven this first time around, which is good, because these two girls needed a lot of work together, they weren’t in sync for a lot of the time, and there were stumbling. But I liked the routine.

Joshua Alexander Why is he crying in the waiting room? He doesn’t’ even know what’s going on! Wow, Adam, don’t waste any time telling him he didn’t make it!

Matthew Kazmierczak aka Ryan Gosling Jr. – haha. That whole thing Mary made him do was funny. Dareian Kajawa (lousy feet) Janaya French – who is she? Amelia Lowe 1920’s star. They didn’t play around with that decision.

Contemporary Stacey Tookey. Stacey’s just an amazing chotrographer. I thought Amelia did pretty well, and Darian’s fee were better. But They need to…haha! Did you all see his feet? They were flexed and then he pointed them when he thought about them! C’mon, buddy, they’re an extention of your legs, point them at least a little. Beautiful routine.

Cole Horibe Brandon Mitchell Cyrus Spencer and the 50 Cent lookalike, Feliciano Turk. Cyrus just seems like an incredible human being. This is the most agonizing decision I think tonight. I actually threw my hands in the air and screamed when they chose Cyrus! Feleciano looked shocked. Christopher Scott hip hop. I loved how they just put all their styles into the dance. Oh, wow, this is a great routine from the very beginning. The music selection and the choreography. These boys rocked it! So. Much. I could watch this over and over again. In fact, I think I’m going to. Smiling so big right now. Great choice in picking Cyrus!

T10 Girls dancing Travis Wall – Gateway to the afterlife. The counts are challenging in this routine. The poses look like greek statues. Very artistic and beautiful, especially with the dresses. Amelia does stand out the most with all those girls, so she really needs to work on being perfect. They all did so brilliantly they danced so brilliantly. Really did. And their syncopation was spot on. Beautiful routine. Oh! That last shot there with Aleza in the doorway, I think I she just found her way into my heart.

T10 boys dancing Sonya Taye. Fight to maintain. I love how demanding she is. It’s perfect for the boys. Tis is going to be fierce. Did you see how strong that little asian boy is?!?! Holy crap. Interesting costumes, Japanese theme. I love her movements so much. I would have liked some louder more hitting music, though. It was too quiet. But, it worked. The girl routine was better, but it was such a different beast than this number.

T20 dancing Mia Michaels. Finally! Reminds me a bit of Kpax. Pretty good timing for 20 people. Loved how they all started dancing together started dancing together one by one. Wow, so glad Mia is back,but is that a wig? I wonder if she had a bout with cancer (I only guess that because of her passion towards breast cancer survivors, her mom died of cancer—I think—and she was out for a season or two.

I’m pretty happy with the selection of Season 9’s T20, are you?

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