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Break it Down Now!

Vegas, baby!!

(I couldn’t find clips for everything, sorry)

Solos, Hip hop, Broadway, Jazz, Groups, Ballroom, Contemproary, Final solos. That’s what in store for us before we find our T20. I don’tknow If Ican survive all that; I don’t know how the dancers can.

Judges: Lil C, Debbie Allen, Adam Shankman, Tyce Diorio, Mary Murphy, Nigel Lythgo. ROUND 1 – SOLOS AND CUTS: Holy. Cow. That’s intense. The Exorcist did his solo and Adam (he’s such a cryer) and Tyce shed some tears. I hope The Exorcist does well in everything else. That’s the same song as his original audition. I was hoping for something new. But man, does he have talent. All the judges who didn’t see him the first time are just wow’d. Yeah! Go Excorcist. Love the glitter shoes, remind me of Dorothy. I like how they let everyone do their solos and then they make decisions. Belly dancer I love watching her dance. She owns that stage when ever she’s on it. I hope he can do so other styles, too. I think she can. Hey! That ballroom girl’s braces are off. 51 dancers gone! I can’t believe that! And the guy with the Selena Gomez back pack was sent home.

ROUND 2 – HIP HOP WITH TWITCH & COMFORT: I like Twitch, but have never been too impressed Comfort. “If you’re not sweating doing this routine, you’re not doing it right.” The Dragon House Crew! I have such high hopes for them! Hampton!! What are you doing?!?! Don’t give up!! Please!!! He’s giving up! I really wanted to see him give it a shot. Andre from Dragon House looks like he’s going to give up. I hope not. He’s just going to leave. Gone. I understand where he’s coing from, but I’m so sad he quit. The dragon guy’s doing pretty good. I’d like to see better, so I think send on to (Borus) another style. Sent home. Only Cyrus remains. Praying mantis is gone! And mother of two! So sad. Lets see how Cyrus does, too bad they’re in front. He seems to be holding his own, seeing his little popping coming through. He’s doing pretty dang good.

ROUND 3 – BROADWAY WITH TYCE: This style really makes or breaks people, I think. There’s so much more than dancing to Broadway. Whitney and Lindsey, the ballroom girls. Whitney for sure has the sexy thing going, wow, she commands the spunk and sass that’s needed! I didn’t think we’d get that from her. But needs to find other shorts, her bums hanging out. They all made it. The judges are going to have to start cutting people sometime. Alexa, oh, Alexa. I never really did care for you. She’s dancing it, but she’s not feeling it. Not when you compare her to Whitney. NOW the judges are cutting people. Wow, harsh and severe. ROUND 4 – JAZZ WITH SONYA: I heart Sonya. For realz. Only 82 dancers left. Okay, hiphopper, you’re just looking for excuses as to why you’re struggling. Own your junk, Shafeek. His partner, Bacon Girl looks like she’s going to kill him. Rachel, burlesque dancer needs to go, she just sucks. Bacon Girl is good, but I think she really being held back by her partner. What is this? Is Rachel trying to fight to stay? I didn’t know they could do that. Please shut her down. Say no Adam. Good boy. Tyce, that yes sounded lame. Argh! I don’t want to see her strip for her life. Oh well. Lots of dancers getting cut from Sonya’s routine. Doesn’t pay to be nice, Bacon Girl! I’ve seen the previews about what happens to you! She was kicked in the head and she got up to keep dancing. Wow, that’s insanity and dedication all rolled into one. The judges let her partner go because he kicked her in the face? I didn’t think he was that bad. Oh! Amelia, I love her. Dragon House guy, good for you for sticking with it. That’s what I like to see. Amelia is killing it. Lindsey needs to get a better top because her straps keep falling down. Pleas keep Amelia!! Cyrus, I really hope he makes it to the T20, I really think he’ll make it. What’s up with Danielle? I thought she was okay?

DANCING FOR THEIR LIVES: What’s with all this jerking of your neck with the tie, Rachel? Lil C looks pained (as my mom just said) and I agree. How is this true to burlesque? I thought it was horrible. Debbie Allen is spot on. I hope Rachel comes back next season but better and with different dance styles under her belt. What about Amelia? I think she’ll do great. Look at those feet! Her legs are great, and her flow and extention and the way she uses her arms is just beautiful. That solo was exquisite! Nigel says smart things, and I love Tyces happy yes face. Adam’s a cry baby.

ROUND 5 – GROUP ROUTINES: What! Picking they’re own group? This will be good. “I’m done! D-O-N Done!” Bahahahaha! What’s with all these tears? And where’s bacon girl? Still in the hospital? The Australian ballerina is back and here’s the Bacon Girl. This will be interesting to see how their group routine turns out since she came in two hours late. There’s no cohesiveness in their group, just dancing around. Argh. Don’t send them home! Dang! Bacon Girl gets the boot. Give her another chance. She had a head injury for goodness sake. Borus stayed! That’s good.

The Highschoolers. Huh. Let’s see. It’s a cute idea. I’m cringing, Like bigtime. But not so sure. Ah, now it’s getting better. I thought it was good, in the end. They were pretty together. Okay, not cringing as much anymore. I was thinking exactly what Nigel said. Lots of good people I’m seeing go through. I really don’t want to say Alexa go forward and I can’t put my finger on exactly why. They all look exhausted. She’s showing a little more emotion in this number. I’m proud of her. Man! Tyce is just zeroing in on Alexa and taking her by the throat and shaking her ruthlessly. I think Tyce is being a tad bit harsh in his words. I thought she did a lot better. She’s just very reserved, but I guess she’s going to have to break out of this box.

ROUND 6 – BALLROOM WITH JASON: It’s the test of the cha-cha and chemistry. It’s so crazy that these girls have muscles on their ribs. I love how persistent Cyrus is and how he’s giving it his all and really pouring himself into the routine. And I also like how he puts some of his hip hop to the moves. That foot drag was so funny! So stiff and painful. But he made me smile so much. I have a soft spot in my heart for this boy. I really do. I’m glad they’re letting him dance for his life, because there’s no way they’ll tell him no after his solo.

I’m kinda really liking the pink haired girl, but I think she’s lost her shirt cuz all she’s wearing is her bra. Aw, she’s going home. Wow. Those are big tears. And shaking hands. Wow. I feel like I’ve just stepped in on a very akward moment and am backing away slowly. My pole dancing ballerina made it through. So, It’s up to Alexa. Bring it, girl. She’s concentrating so much on her face and showing the emotion – there it is!!!!! Now she’s in the groove! Cyrus’ solo! I can’t wait to see it again! I think he’s really proven himself in other genres to earn a spot in Vegas still. I want to see him do more. I think they’re really–Look. At. That. This is pure talent. He’s such a special dancer. I hope they just keep letting him dance. He looks like he’s battery operated my mom says. I love the look on Nigel’s face after he dances, he’s always moved. YAY! He’s staying! I LOVE his devotion and determination to winning. 52 people left.

ROUND 7 – CONTEMPORARY WITH TRAVIS: “Technically I’m looking for perfection.” I love Travis’ routines because he really brings the emotions out in each dancer and really lets the them connect with their partner as a result. I’ve only seen a couple other choreographers do that. Wait! What are all these dancers doing on stage? 18 dancers asked to do the choreography again. Lots of tears. Krumper!!!! I think she’s doing so well! Who knew! It was sad to see her go.

ROUND 8 – FINAL SOLOS: Now it’s the final solos and finding out who the…..what the heck!!!! I like that the camera man called for a medic then whent back to filming. (I don’t think I like that Cat as the host for that cheap dating show, by the way. Just saw a commercial for it.) I like how thyey’re doing the solos and interviews. Maybe we’ll find the T20 in this episode. Wow! That last solo was awesome! People who think boy ballerinas are lame are uneducated. LOL.

Trey, Dres, Adrian, & Brandon cut!!! Wow! It’s like a slap in the face for Adrain. So sad. 35 dancers at the end. Next week, we find out who our T20 are!!!


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