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Break it down now!

We’re in Salt Lake City for the last location for auditions! SLC really is a beautiful place. Minus the snow, of course. 🙂 Nigel, Mary & Adam Shankman (finally!! Where were you all last season?) Whitney Looks familiar. The cha cha tango. She looks really young and bubbly. Wow! She’s sharp. Missed the hand grab but I think it was okay. They guy? He looks like a fish trying to breathe out of water with all the mouth opening and closing. I don’t like all the mouth moving they’re both doing. But she’s really getting into it. She’ good but there were a couple places I noticed she could’ve been sharper, but that might’ve been her partner. Oh no, I’m really hoping the (whoa! Show was that creeper in the crowd?!?!). Straight to Vegas. Hubby called it.

Alien space dance? Lynn….wow. I don’t even know what to say. I just….wow….wow. Davine da Flame & Rainbow Light Bright. She’s freaking crazy. Oh wow. Now we have tears. Notice how she didn’t answer Cat’s question about hallucinogenic drugs? And she left that to dance for the spirits? Okay. She’s not.…that…bad….At least not as bad as I thought she’d be. Very entertaining. Hubby: “Seriously? WTF? I have resentment.”

Deanna the Italian is an only girl! That’s horrible. If I were a guy, I wouldn’t want to be her boyfriend. My body would disappear. Nigl needs a girlfriend. Dirty old man. I want to be in an Italian family. Maybe Hubby and I will calim be Italian from now on. Look at her quads! Did you see them? They’re huge!! So far, I’m not seeing much dancing. Good backbends, but I want more. Here we go. Very flowy. Knows how to use her arms and legs. Very sweet personality and pretty. Good combo there. Powerful and expressive. Good Dancer, I really like her. Nigel looks happy. I think she’s going to make it to the T20.

There’s someone out there weirder than the Alien Space Dance?? Holy crap. I think he’s crazier than Lynn. The life cycle of the praying mantis? For realz? Very entertaining. Wouldn’t that be funny if he was really good. Okay. Yeah, That’s not funny. He actually is an amazing dancer with good technique. Usually people like this bomb. My apologies for stereotyping him. Sonia would LOVE him. I would love to see what else he could do. If he even could do anything else. Choreography? I’m really surprised with how good he was. “You’re really sort of brilliant!” I agree with Adam 100% (There’s that creepy kid in the audience again). VEGAS!!! Wow.

Lindsey Arnold. Parading on stage like a parade pony. So sassy. I like her take on ballroom, she does bring a little something different to it. Her legs are nice and long and strong. But when I think about her and compare her to the first girl. She just has so much more to do to compete. But she can still hold her own. Jullian Huff. Wow, strong compliments from Mary.

Ballroom. Ballroom. Ballroom. Ballroo–Krump?. Queue Adam Shankman choking on his water. I hope this is good. Lets see some Krumping. Wow. “Holy, beep! She’s krumping. She’s really good!” Adam loves this. I think I’d be scared of her if I was a boy. I want oto see if she can do a waltz. Haha. Seriously though, I want to see her in choreography. Why didn’t the audience clap? I didn’t even hear one clap or cheer. I think she deserves it. Hubby commented on the same thing as Mary, there needs ot be more vocabulary in her moves.

Murphy Yang. Family moved to California without them?!?! What the crap? Hey! Blue streak just like mine! I hope he goes far. Let’s see. Strong setup. He’s good. I want to see other types from him. Very entertaining. I agree with Nigel that there wasn’t enough dancing for me either. I also agree with Adam, lots there’s a lot of untapped dancer potential in in him. I hope he does well. Oh, dang, not strong enough. So sad. But the Krumper made it!!

Dareian. Nigel is getting so bad. Each season he’s more and more liberal and racy with his comments! Get off the floor buddy. Wow. He really is a very powerful dancer and there is so much skill and technique. I think he has what it takes to be in the T20. Adam looks proud. So very proud. He had such good sequences, but I agree with Nigel, LOUSY feet. Hubby says this phrase is losing it’s power, “You are what this show is all about”.

Johnny. Oh, wow. He’s crazy. I like how he’s trying all his moves on Cat. Not working. Poor dance partner Whitney. Double Your Dating. Boys, don’t buy into this. I don’t care about the dating. Let’s see the dancing and hope that little conversation doesn’t ruin their audition. They’re actually pretty good. I don’t like his faces all over the place, the judges don’t look impressed. And after Mary’s comment, I notice only that. They’re never looking at each other, just the audience. Especially him. I thought the couple got really good critiques. I bet they go through to choreography.

Familiar faces. I’m so glad about the little blond. I really liked her!!!!!! And Adrian, poor guy, so nervous can’t even get his rods out. Good dancer just like he was two seasons ago. I think he’s going to make it to Vegas, hands down, and he’ll have good news to tell them. I remember I really liked him back in Season 7.

Leroy. He seems very unassuming. Good cause. Mary’s already crying. Is he good> Yes. He is. I never would have thought that was from him. LOL!!! Oh, his personality! He’s great. And a good dancer, did I say that already> What about other choreography. Wow! He can do tricks! Adam’s in love. I can tell. Standing O from the audience. Can he do anything else, though? I have faith that he can. Why are you drawing this out, judges! Give your decision already! You can go, but I don’t think you can do it. Rude! I hope he proves them wrong. So sad, he didn’t. I’d love to see him come back next year and really blos them out of the water.

Next week looks INSANE. Can’t wait. Predictions: Deanna the Italian will get to the T20. I really feel strongly about the Mantis boy, and I think that the krumper will go far but not quite make it. What about you al? Happy Thrusday, my friends!

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