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SYTYCD Season 9 is Back!!!

I can’t believe it. Another season of So You Think You Can Dance started last night! So thrilled. They’ve changed the structure a little bit, so it will take some getting used to. Tryouts are the same as they always have been, and when they get down to 10 dancers, they’re bringing back the all stars. But it’s between those two points where it gets a little fuzzy. They’re only doing one show a week (instead of the two) and that one episode is going to be 2 hours long. My “predictions” and thoughts are at the very end of this post. So! What were some of the highlights of the auditions? Let’s take a look-see at my comments as the show happened: New York Always really good dancers here. We had Nigel, Mary and my favorite, Tyce, as judges. First up Amelia. Very cute look to her, a little weird of a personality. Amelia adorable according to Tyce. Loved her 1920s. Everything she did was big, moves gestures, smile, everything. Standing O from the judges. She kind of reminds me of my friend Kelsey in her personality. Toshihiko. I love how the Japanese bow after everything. Floor slide on his butt was awesome. So talented. Very good flow and movement. But, can he do anything else? Choreography.

Hubby loves watching the ridiculousness of the crazy dancers like Austin and the Mr. Wiggles. It makes you wonder, with people like this, if they’re serious or if they’re just trying to get their 5 minutes of fame. Which this guy was obviously doing. “What are you do-ing-a?” ßTyce’s words. Have I mentioned how much I love him? Leopard stretch pants? No! But I like that dancer. And she’s going to Vegas. Shafeek is a flipper. I want his “I ❤ me” shirt; it’s awesome. Wow!!! What a crazy sick opening!! Shafeek! So much strength and control! And passion. He brought moves and a certain something that I’ve never seen before on SYTYCD. And the judges loved it! Oh no. Mary’s gonna cry. I can feel it. Nope, I was wrong, but she really respected him. “You move like silk – effortlessly” Tyce. And the story behind the dance was just awesome, too. In choreography – the Japanese locker. He left. Dang.

Day two looked promising. Like, wow. Leo Reyes is dancing for his mom. “Life isn’t forever. You aren’t guaranteed tomorrow. I didn’t expect that day”. Tube socks. Heck yes. You know he can do hip-hop because of his video clip in his montage, but he can also do beautiful contemporary. Good dancer. Strong little man. Nigel looked really moved throughout the audition. The crowd loved it. Standing O in the room. All the judges’ eyes were glistening. Mary’s frozen Botox face. I love you, Mary. Straight through to Vegas. Poor guy didn’t know whether to go crap or go blind, as my mom would say. Hugs and tears all around. I’m always so afraid that when they do their excited happy dance Vegas dance they’re going to land wrong and twist or pull something. Ugh! That’d be terrible!

“I did not enjoy that at all.” ßTyce. The looks. LOL. Haha. Love the clips of the bloopers. Chehon the Swiss Ballerina. He danced to my favorite song, so that was a sign. WOW. His moves and power. You wouldn’t think that he’d only ever trained and danced ballet. Looked like he was losing steam towards the end, though. But he wasn’t really dancing towards the end. Tyce used to dance Ballet??? News to me! But I’d love to see a clip of him dancing that way. I only ever know him as Broadway. I want more excitement from him.

38 total. 21 from choreography. 17 Straight Through. Texas Judges are Nigel, Lil’C, & Mary are judging this city. Is this their first time in Texas? I think so. Either that or it’s been a while since they’ve been there before. Bree’s kids and husband are in the audience. Great dancer. Cutest little boy yelling out, “Mommy I love you” from the judges table right in the middle of the performance the little boy walks up on stage and hands her mom the plane ticket to Vegas. The little girl dancing was the best. That whole first act was the best ever. So cute.

Oh my, the crazy people. Exorcist style. Zombie? No, thank you. But they were entertaining. We have some winners, here. Crushing up people’s souls and running it through their veins and then giving it back. Holy crap. Zombie guy is very good, talented, but a Nigel says, he’s not all there. It’s like a fun house. But what else can he do? Standing O from audience. Oh, how I missed Lil’C. But where are his inventive words? Not one so far.

Horses: What the freak? Get out of our pasture you crazy humans. Hampton the soul scrubber. He’s so good at the popping and locking, such control. Even if he is a little….scary,…to Evanescence, wow. But so perfect. Mary’s crying. He’s good, but I don’t know about that good. Cry worthy, I mean. But Nigel looks pretty moved, too. Maybe this guy’s soul scrubbing work. I think it’s the song. Looks like he’s sliding on ice. I picture him starting a new religion in America. He’ll be rich. Wowza. That lat part with his heart! Awesome. The audience judges and dancers were all in tears. Who woulda thought. Standing O from EVERYONE. Whether they say yes or no, you’re going to Vegas I’ll pay for you myself. These are the kinds of dancers I like seeing go all the way to the final 20 and really seeing them grow as a dancer and excelling in it. I hope he makes it far. 10 to Vegas (I saw 2 fall with their excited Vegas dance).

Day two. Daniel from down under. Ballet dancer with the San Francisco Ballet. I’m glad I’m not the only one who thought he kept saying he was a belly dancer. Amazing power and skill. Such a good dancer. Straight through to Vegas.

Lots of people made it to Vegas in this round. 3rd injury on Vegas dance. Sam. Autistic guy who has the courage to dance on stage. People like this you can really appreciate what they’re doing, even if they aren’t any good at it because you understand what it took for them to get up there and do it, to overcome their difficulties challenges. It’s simply amazing. Von Kipper auditioning for the show but doesn’t want to. It’s the hamster. Cat asked him why he’s here if he doesn’t want to be on it. But he never gave a reason as to why he’s trying out if he thinks it’s selling out to be on the show. He’s a horrible guy. Arguing before he even started dancing. Boooo!!!! Get him off the stage!!! That guy, that’s what I sounded like after coming back from the dentist. Jarell Suspenders!! I’m trying to get Hubby into those. Dad looks a bit like an older Samuel L Jackson. “Don’t touch my water it’s vodka” Such a great dancer. That’s why I really like Contemporary dancing there’s so much room and opportunity for emotion. I like how he put in other types of dancing – popping, a little ballet, miming, etc. and Broadway with his face and emotion. Good, good dancer. Standing O from the audience. Lil’C’s new word for the season: Millisecond.

12 after choreography several direct. Predictions: I think that All the video’d people will make it to the top 20. I think that Amelia from the 20’s will really show how much she can shine in Vegas and I think that Reverend Hampton will surprise everyone and be one of those dancers who you think is really limited but just has so much pure talent, he excels. I think that Chehon the Swiss Ballerina is a little arrogant of himself (but he is that good), but will probably have some trouble with Broadway and the Latin dances. I think Daniel from Down Under will excel. You saw how the girls reacted. I think his personality and talent will carry him pretty far in the competition. Mommy Bree, as much as I like her and think she’s good, I think she’ll get voted out early in the show. (But then again, she also strikes me as the Dark Horse type). What about you?

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